Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Laundry Pre-Treatment: Amaze by Sunlight

I've been trying to determine which laundry pre-treatments work best on which type of stains. My latest trial was a product called Amaze by Sunlight.

For the most part Amaze was great; however, my daughter went to play in the garden on a damp day and got mud all over the bottoms of her pants. I followed the directions on the box, but there were still some mud stains on her pants. To be fair, it would not have mattered which laundry pre-treatment I used. Based on experience, mud is difficult to remove. I'm on my third wash of the pants.

To remove fresh baby spit up stains, Amaze worked well. I found that I could use the soak feature on my washing machine to soak the baby clothes for 15-20 minutes before adding the detergent and the color safe bleach. Again, most of the stains came out; however, the carrot stains were most difficult.

Bottom line, as of this writing I do not believe that there is a laundry pre-treatment product that will remove 100% of stains 100% of the time. Some stains require Mom to put some elbow grease on them.


  1. Very very true, there isn't a stain remover on the market that is a miracle cleaner, all of them require some work. Letting stuff like mud and sand dry completely first then usuing a dry brush to knock the dried stuff off is best. Soaking is wonderful especially if you can't wash it right away, the faster you pretreat the better! And a good old fashioned toothbrush and your normal detergent is just about as good as anything for almost all stains! Occasionally I'd recomend looking into the RIT treaters for more expensive garments with bad stains, like a white dress with butter garlic sauce! But even that stuff is best with immediate attention.

  2. My sister gave me a solution. And it takes out grease, like that garlic butter sauce, from whites.

    Girl Friday is a Canadian product made in Saskatchewan that you can't get in the US. My sister says you can buy it at Canadian Tire.

    Put Girl Friday on the stain. Then add Sunlight's Amaze. THEN add more Girl Friday to make a paste out of the Amaze. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash.

  3. I made a mistake. It's call Gal Friday, and it's made in Ontario. 1-800-465-1808.

  4. Norwex stain remover is awesome.

  5. gal friday is a great cleaner but it seems to have disappeared off the shelves.

  6. I know Gal Friday has just
    disappeared. If anybody in SK knows where to buy some I sure would like to know!!!